Being Smarter

Jeff Sessions is actually quite smart in his own little way. He knows that the Average Progressive accepts the expansion and decriminalization of medical marijuana across the Unites States.

At the moment, marijuana is legal to residents of 29 state, and the Average Progressive assumes this will make its way to their state soon enough. He knows that the Average Progressive does very little to move this needle their direction. After all, the rest of the world is simply doing it for them.

He knows the Average Progressive will not call their representative and demand progress on marijuana laws because the Average Progressive believes the change is already coming. He knows the best way to stop this change is to quietly reverse policy, and slowly push Americans back to the early 20th century.

Jeff Sessions is not a Progressive. He’s a frightened, old man, who chooses to live in fear, instead of facts.

It is our job as Progressives to choose not to be average. We must make the decisions that Average Progressives won’t. That’s why Independent Progressives have shed the “Democrat” label, and started taking action in Tennessee.

Jeff Session (Image Source CNN)

Jeff Session (Image Source CNN)

Jeff Sessions is smart. But we are smarter. Don’t let those like him strip you of your rights. Call your representatives, share information with fellow voters, call out bad information. Learn good information. Be a beacon of knowledge to your fellow constituents, and do more than the Average Progressive. Be an Independent Progressive.