Enough Self-Shame | Time for an Alliance

Shame on me.

I’m a millennial.

I’m slowing the economy with my massive student debt.

I’m destroying the mortgage industry.

I spend on experiences over material investments.

I’m killing Applebee’s.

I listen to electro-swing (On occasion! Oh God please, I know. Just let me have this one, fellow Ms?)

Even worse: I believe in a living wage; that my friends of color shouldn’t have to fear police; that sick people shouldn’t fear their Doctor Bill. I believe the way to maximize personal liberty is through a fully funded public education system. I believe in Medicare for all. I believe in Taco Tuesday with a craft beer.

Worse still: I cheated on a math exam at University. Last week, I called my Senator(‘-an asshole’), and when the phone was busy, called again until staff answered. I voted for Bernie and think he would have won. I love my LGBTQ+ friends, and would die for them, while fighting for their right to worship in a church of their choosing. When hung over, I accidentally wore socks with sa…. What’s that? I lost you somewhere? Oh….

From Primary Candidate Debate, 2016 - Photo from  Variety Magazine

From Primary Candidate Debate, 2016 - Photo from Variety Magazine

…the Bernie thing. Shame on me, right? My bad. I was so busy being on your team, I forgot that we can’t disagree. We can’t have different opinions. On Twitter, I can retweet your positions. In the streets, I can stand by your side on any of these issues – especially the coordinated economic murder of Department Stores. However if I, for one second, think that Bernie Sanders stood a chance in the federal election, I’m gone on Twitter, I can’t stand by your side to protect our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, and I can’t have a seat at the table on policy conversation.

I’ll repeat this: I think Primary Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont had a better chance at beating Donald Trump than did Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, the 40 Year Extremely Experienced Civil Servant and former Secretary of State. There are a hundred thousand articles about why this might be the case, and I cannot possibly display them all here. That said, we’re here now, and I find no productivity in throwing blame pies (is that a thing?). We can learn from this together. Why should we? Because, I believe there are a lot more of me than there are of you.

Now, wait! Hear me out! A recent analysis by the Voter Study Group identified several subsets of voters across thousands of surveys and broke down how voters moved over time. Several key findings defend this prospect, such as how 39% of ‘populist’ voters left Obama/Clinton for either Trump or “a third party” (Understanding Populist rhetoric is important). Or how the Democratic Party has been positioned to the right of the fastest growing political group in the country, Younger Voters.

Not All One Political Party - (Photo from Nashville Pride Fest 2017 - The Independent Progressive)

Not All One Political Party - (Photo from Nashville Pride Fest 2017 - The Independent Progressive)

Thing is, setting the Rachael Meadow arguments, social-media blocking, and “Bernie would’a won” aside, now we’re all on the same iceberg-injured ship. Liberals, Independent Progressives, Centrist Democrats, Moderate Republican, and Always-Trumpers have all been locked in the lower levels of this massive dream ship, once called the Greatest Nation in the History of Human Kind. The ship is sinking. I’ve been told there is no key or exit to the upper floors. The media and elites want us to fight each other, but with enough bodies, enough voices, and enough pressure, we can break open the gate, and maybe even save this thing. To do that, we have to stop punching each other out of the way, and start punching up and out the gate.

Clinton Friends, I’m here to fight with you. I promise you I’m an ally. We both stand against bad things. I may have wanted to hear Clinton tell me “I’m with You”, but I’ll take a partnership with a Clinton-voting ally instead. We can say, “We’re with each other.” That’s okay! I’d even love to call my Senators with you. I’ll warn you that I might be further Left than you, and that’s okay; we can disagree. Those responsible for designing this country absolutely disagreed, but somehow found a way to fight tyranny and hate together.

Don’t block me, shut me up, or shut me out and I promise I can help. We’re allies, whether we admit it or not. We have a mutual political enemy who can’t rebuff our combined efforts. Unlike some sunken ships, this one is resilient, and we can patch the holes. Millions of people in this badass Nation are looking for help. We can find a way to make it work.

And we should, because we need to fix…

Economy slowing Student Debt

The Healthcare industry

Wage Stagnation

Mass Incarceration

Economic Spending (except Applebee’s. Can’t save them)                                      

Future Historians are telling our story now.

So, shame on me, I’ve heard it. But if we don’t punch up together,

Shame on us.